Verba volant,

                   scripta manent

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London, an office in the vicinity of the Tower Bridge:

You want to break into new markets, export a new product,

publish the annual report of your multinational company, or enchant foreign readers

with your new bestseller - the customers are waiting impatiently...

The reaction? Beneath all your expectations. Why?

The text has been translated word for word, the meaning has been missed.

But there is a solution...

I can help you maintain your standards and quality in translations as well,

and represent the communications bridge between you and your customers.

My skills consist in feeling the two languages, in recognizing the manifold cultural characteristics

of the source language and carrying them across into the target language.

Your edge:

You receive a professional, punctual and correct translation from a technical and stylistic point of view.

In two words: more credibility and success.